Forget the Louvre (it was closed anyway). Skip Rosetta Stone (everyone speaks English, right?).

Although I like to pretend that I’m artsy, I’m far from being a Martha-Stewart-mom.  

I said, “Look!  You just got credit for community service!”  

Living in Hawaii, we have the best mango and papaya.

Paul and I knew nothing about Haleiwa Joe’s, so when I told Paul, “hey, we need to eat at Haleiwa Joe’s cause these gift certificates are going to expire,” he promptly went online to look at reviews.  Which actually boggled me because we had a gift certificate.  How bad can it be… it’s free!

I learned how to make oatmeal from my China-born parents.

I love New Years in Hawaii. Kids, matches, men, beer and explosives.

If you said I would be able to take our dog to a huge gathering of dogs in a public area and not create a scene, I would have said “did we get a new dog?”.

At this year’s Hawaii State Farm Fair, we picked up a flyer for the local egg farmers association. 

Cherilyn, my friend since middle school, got married today to Mike at the Hale Koa.


My favorite bakery (until Cherilyn opens her own!) is Watanabe Bakery on Beretania Street.

A couple of months ago we all went to the Hawaii State Farm Fair.